You Are Everything Released in the USA Today!

You Are Everything is released in the USA today! That means it is now available on CDBaby, Amazon and iTunes in the USA.

 The reviews are pouring in for the album:

“There’s enough substance here to last any serious music fan a very long time” - Dave DiMartino, Yahoo Music

“Pink Floyd’s Meddle and Brian Eno’s Another Green World are some of the signposts that could lead here. Yet one of the reasons we are still interested after all these years is that a Kilbey record, in this case a Kilbey/Kennedy record, sounds just like that rather than anyone else.” – Album Of The Week, Brisbane Courier Mail

“This is a record of often intricate interlaced layers. Sometimes you can see where they overlap, but often it’s just a liquid whole” -

“The whole set had a dream like quality to it and with every song, it seemed like the acid trip was getting stronger and the whole crowd were floating on the same pink cloud together.”

"I Wouldn't Know" affirms the duo's ability to craft lush, affecting, and ethereal sonic panoramas; the animated, composited imagery, where the earthly realm and the outer space converge, beautifully encapsulates the aura of the song.” – Prefix mag

“You Are Everything represents a new milestone in both of these musicians’ careers and is the culmination of a very successful partnership” - Make Your Own Taste

“It’s an abstract work where lightness and shadows collide to make something rather mysterious.” –

“The resulting songs often sing like classic Kilbey – swap out Kennedy’s plush synth beds for guitars and the wafting “Brother Moon Sister Sun,” the jangly “I Wouldn’t Know” and the shimmering “All the World” could be Church songs.” – The Big Takeover

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