You Are Everything Vinyl Available In Australia

The VINYL edition of You Are Everything is available now in Australia only from Red Eye Records Sydney! Further stores will be added later. If you are not in Sydney Red Eye have a very good postal service so you can order from them with confidence. The vinyl also includes a 14 track bonus remix disc and a download card. Released on UK psychedelic label Agitated, the vinyl is limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Australia - order from Red Eye Records
USA - order from Midheaven
UK/Europe - order from Norman Records
Side A 1. I Wouldn’t Know
2. Everyone
3. Lorelei
4. Knowing You Are In This World
5. I Find

Side B
6. East Side West Side
7. A Better Day
8. All The World
9. Brother Moon Sister Sun
10. Can’t Get Free
11. Finale

Bonus CD tracks:
1. I Wouldn’t Know (Mk Remix)
2. Can’t Get Free (Mk Remix)
3. Lorelei (MK Berlin Mix)
4. Ghost
5. Dont Forget Me
6. Everyone (Mk Remix)
7. I Find (Hi Brazil Mix)
8. Brother Moon Sister Sun (Michael Baer Mix)
9. A Better Day (The Black Hundred Mix)
10. Lorelei (Fuzzed Out Bliss Mix)
11. Everyone (Film Mix)
12. Knowing You Are In This World (Early Vocal Version)
13. Everyone (Enoyreve Mix)
14. Lorelei (Acoustic Mix)

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